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Pediatric Dentist Options for Stoneham, MA

Dr. Fred Solomon, DMD has almost 30 years of experience in the dentistry field and has enjoyed working with children as patients for the entire duration of that time. He and his skillful, compassionate office staff believe that children deserve a fun, caring dental environment from the very beginning. Although not a pediatric dentist, Dr. Solomon practices pediatric dentistry and your child's pleasant associations with Dr. Solomon will build a foundation for healthy oral habits for years to come. Dr. Solomon serves the Stoneham, MA area and all surrounding communities.

Experienced and Gentle Pediatric Dentistry

The oral hygiene habits your children learn now will follow them for a lifetime. Because oral health is such an important factor in overall health, it is important to ensure that your children are seen regularly by a dentist experienced and skilled in pediatric dentistry. Dr. Frederick Solomon always has their best interests in mind from the start.

There are countless benefits associated with scheduling and attending regular dental appointments at a young age. Children are encouraged to visit their dentist every six months in order to receive thorough cleaning, an evaluation via x-rays if recommended, oral hygiene instruction and a clinical examination. Additional benefits of regular pediatric visits include:

  • Early detection of cavities, gum disease and misaligned teeth
  • The application of protective sealants to adult teeth in order to protect against tooth decay
  • Intervention of potential gum disease
  • An increased level of comfort and familiarity with the dental office setting and procedures
  • Enhanced knowledge of oral hygiene and its importance at home as well as in the office to prevent cavities.

Visit Dr. Fred Solomon for Pediatric Dentistry

Many parents find themselves concerned regarding their child's early visits to a dentist. Worries that children will be scared or uncooperative can make scheduling those crucial appointments a daunting task. At the office of Dr. Frederick Solomon, however, children are treated to a unique dental experience from the moment they walk in the door. They are welcomed as not only a patient, but as a guest who is invited to sit back, relax and enjoy. Every dental procedure, from cleaning to orthodontic services, is performed in a way that is rewarding and fun for children of all ages.

If you are looking for a highly qualified dentist with years of pediatric experience in the Stoneham, MA area, contact the office of. Frederick Solomon, DMD today. He and his staff will ensure that your child's dental experience is as pleasant as it is educational and effective.

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